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Voices from the Waters International Travelling Film Festival is a celebration of water, the element that nurtures life in manifold ways. Initiated by Bangalore Film Society in 2005, the festival brings to you water stories from across the world. We are all touched by the beauty of water…
Civilizations through the ages harnessed water and grew around it. However, contemporary civilizations have seen it as an economic utility and a dumping ground for all the waste they generate and polluted it. The festival is also the stories of restoration of water to its pristine beauty. Viewing these visual narratives gives us all an opportunity to focus on the global water crisis and engage in deep reflection to conserve this life sustaining nectar for posterity. Water brings us all together.
Apart from films, the other avenues of engagement at the festival would be painting and photo exhibition, art installations, water songs, lectures, roundtables, eco-conscious product bazaar and interaction with film directors, water activists and water scholars.

Bangalore Film Society

Bangalore Film Society

Bangalore Film Society (BFS) is a nonprofit cultural organization registered under the Registrar of Society's Act Karnataka and affiliated to the Federation of Film Societies of India. We explore through the medium of cinema, the cultural politics and how it impacts and shapes the contemporary cultural practices, politics and social behaviour. Towards this, we organize regular film screenings and discussions on feature and documentary films from across the globe as well as organise film festival and conferences on specific themes. Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film festival is one of its major activity. Through our well curated programmes we attempt to connect the participants with cultural histories of ideas and desires of social transformations, contentious socio-cultural-political issues of our times as well as provide an aesthetic experience.

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed!

The festival is a great opportunity for young volunteers to interact with many creative people contributing to keep our environment clean and beautiful. It is a platform for creative ideas and practice.

The selected volunteers will coordinate the festival and invite educational institutions in Bangalore to promote and invite them to participate in the festival.

If you are interested to volunteer, Call: +91 80 25493705 or Email

"If there is magic on earth, it is contained in water."

- Loren Eiseley

The 9th International Travelling Film Festival


A Community outreach event on water in everyday life



genericlogo2014We have successfully completed 8 editions of Voices from the Waters International Film Festival/conferences in multiple venues in Bangalore. Due to its growing popularity, this year we have already received 145 films from 27 countries and more are on its way. More and more documentary film makers focus their creativity on water. We will be screening at the festival the very best of them, about 40 to 45 aesthetically crafted works – all of them, a must watch.

The venue of the festival is the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) at Bangalore India, which has a beautiful ambiance and plenty of parking space. At the colorful Inauguration studded with cultural events like dance performances, water songs and so on, prominent people working on water issues from across the country would be present along with film directors and water activists with whom you will be interacting with. Also there will be Photography and Painting Exhibitions, Eco bazaars and Organic food courts to keep you busy with. We are expecting a thousand people to be at the venue at any given time between 10 am and 8 pm.

We are going through a phase of uncertain climatic conditions of unseasonal gale and storm, heat wave and cold wave, melting Antarctica and rising seas gobbling up the landmass, increasing desertification and so on. The festival offers you a glimpse into all these and more – the struggle, the hopes and despair, the success stories…

The festival also brings to you the quintessential yearning of the humans – to be integrated into nature… Come and be part of it to imagine a new world.



Curating and screening of the best chosen documentary films related to water to a larger global audience.



Spaces for those who wish to discuss the very human and the humanist intent of documentary films on water.



Prominent scholars and activists will initiate conversation on International water issues and solutions.



Exhibition of art installations, photographs, videos and paintings based on various water themes.

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Since 1977, Bangalore Film Society has presented internationally acclaimed fiction and non-fiction films, thereby crosssing many milestones...

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Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy is established to cater to the overall development of Kannada Film Industry and to nurture a healthy culture of cinema in the state as well as to safeguard the interests of the stakeholders of the film industry. Towards this objective, KCA organizes workshops & conferences for film enthusiasts in Karnataka. Visit >>


Federation of Film Societies of India is the apex body which regulate and guide the activities of the film societies across India. It brings out publications on cinema as well organize film appreciation courses for film buffs. Visit >>



Deep Focus Cinema is a film quarterly on Indian Cinema being brought out by the Deep Focus Trust, where it features critiques contemporary films – documentary, animation and shorts, of cinema's masters, socio-cultural and political significance of popular cinema, writings on the generation of meanings through cinematic signs and book reviews. Visit >>


Launched in 1997 as an outreach project from the Center for the Environment at the Cornell University, the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival at Ithaca College explores water as an essential element and probes its sustainability from the perspectives of art, humanity and science, focusing on the global politics surrounding nature's blue gold. Visit >>


Bird Spots is a community group open to all who are interested in bird life & habitat observation in India having members, ranging from beginners to experienced birdwatchers.
Bird Spots conduct field trips, short bird-watching walks and Bird Photography. Members geo-code and report the birds they have sighted on birdspots.org website. Birdspots.org invites new members to join them. Visit >>

Rolling-frames-film-societyRolling Frames Film Society is a Bangalore based non-profit registered Society formed for film professionals or film enthusiasts. It helps facilitate networking among Professionals from the Film/ Animation/ VFX Industry, Students/ Staff from – Film Institutes/ Media/ Journalism/ Fine Arts Colleges/ Animation Institutes, and Film enthusiasts. The society also hosts and supports film/ animation related events. Visit >>

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Call for Entries to the 9th Edition

Film Submissions

Submissions of Films for the 2014 festival has ended.

Bangalore Film Society in collaboration with Deep Focus Cinema and a consortium of organisations, is presenting the 9th edition of Voices from the Waters 2014.

This festival has established its relevance over the last eight years and has consistently been receiving entries for the festival from countries across the world underlining the global concern for water. The festival has gathered enormous support as more and more institutions are coming forward to collaborate with us to take the festival across India and abroad through the year, giving the film-makers an opportunity to exhibit their works to a broader and diverse audience, thereby widening awareness on water and environmental issues.

2014 too, presents a grim picture of the availability of water in India as we witness an increasing water scarcity. Climate change is being experienced in different ways: excessive rains to no rains in different parts of India wreaking havoc on normal agricultural activities, causing floods and droughts, cold and heat waves, throwing normal life out of gear. This may as well be the case across the developing world. What is hopeful though is the increasing 'green consciousness' across the country and the world, to regenerate a sustainable environment by rethinking our clichéd development models.

Voices from the Waters seeks to add to this consciousness as concerns regarding the existence and well-being of our water-bodies are now being voiced in our mainstream societies. Now more than ever, there is a call for awareness, dialogue and debate to inform the actions on which the future of our living-planet depends. Voices from the Waters 2014 – the 9th International Film Festival on Water invites you to be a part of the festival by contributing short, documentary, animation and feature films on water and related issues.

Voices from the Waters is conceived as a travelling film festival. The selected films after being premiered in Bangalore will be taken to educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, small towns and villages across the world followed by discussions.

If you have a film under any of the following categories:

  • Water Scarcity
  • The Dams and the Displaced
  • Water Harvesting/conservation
  • Water Struggles/Conflicts
  • Floods and Droughts
  • Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Impact of Deforestation on Water-Bodies
  • Water, Sanitation and Health
  • River Pollution
  • The Holistic Revival of Water Bodies
  • Water and Life,

you may consider sending it to us. Please note that the categories are flexible and your film does not have to necessarily adhere to them while focusing on the larger theme of water.

Ps *If you have already entered your film in the previous festival, please do not send it. However, a new film from you would be welcome.

Selection Process

There is no entry fee for films submitted

All the submitted films will be subject to a selection process by the festival selection committee comprising of eminent professionals including documentary film makers, film critics, social activists, academicians et al.

Applicant must pay for the shipment of films to The Bangalore Film Society.


Entries to the Film Festival must include:

1. Two DVDs of the film (with English subtitles, as required)

2. A completed and signed copy of the entry form (1 Soft Copy + 1 Hard Copy)

3. Three high-resolution stills of the film (can be sent via email)

4. A high-resolution photograph of the director (can be sent via email)

5. Promotional materials are welcome

All the submitted films will become part of Voices from the Waters archives and will be made available for screening for non-commercial purposes based on a written authorization by you.


Georgekutty A.L

Bangalore Film Society,

No.33/1-9, IVth Cross, Thyagaraju Layout,

Jaibharath Nagar, M.S. Nagar P.O

Bangalore 560 033.


Contact Diana on Land line: +91-80- 2549-3705 (9.30 am to 5.30pm IST = +5.30 GMT) www.voicesfromthewaters.com

Water Voices and Feedback

The Team

The core members steering the Voices from the Waters festival are an energetic team from Bangalore Film Society.

Georgekutty A.L.

Georgekutty A.L.

Festival Director

Ajith Samuel

Ajith Samuel

Visual Media Support

Sanjay R. Wadhwa

Sanjay R. Wadhwa

Business Development Support

Francis Xavier A.

Francis Xavier A.

Correspondence & Programing

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Correspondence & Programing

Vinutha R.

Vinutha R.

Office Support


From our News Desk

For all Press and Media related enquiries, Kindly call Bangalore Film Society on +91802543858

  1. 1st International Film Festival on Water – 2005   2nd International Film Festival on Water – 2007 3rd International Film Festival on Water – 2008    

Our planet Earth is left with less than 3% of fresh water for human survival. Save it for our future generations to live.

Conserve Water

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